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BOPP Lamination
- Sep 14, 2022 -

Dopp film will be removed during oiling, which makes the paper not only have the function of scratch-resistant glassy lamination and matt lamination, but also can be 100%degraded through the environment due to the microbial action of soil and water or the ultraviolet action of the sun. Finally, it reenters the ecological environment in the form of oxidation and returns to nature.


1) It is light in weight and 0.91g/cm2 in density. It is one of the lightest plastic films and can float on the water.

2) Good heat resistance, which thermoplastics do not have a good performance.

3) Good chemical stability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, moistureproof, waterproof barrier performance.

4) Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and polyethylene is the world's recognized as the best material for food packaging.

5) High transparency, good gloss, especially suitable for inboard printing, good adaptability to printing

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